Concrete Pool Decking Resurfacing

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Concrete Pool Decking Resurfacing and Restoration Services

What do we do?


Pippinger Pools preps existing concrete surface with a water based cleaner that etches and cleans the concrete’s surface.  Proper preparation of the concrete leads to a long lasting coating. 

What If You Have Structural Cracks, Spalling or Bad Concrete?

Structural cracks and spalling can be repaired. We do this by grinding and cleaning these areas making sure the surface is free of loose minerals and material. A  fast setting two part urethane material is applied to the repair areas. These areas will be lightly ground again to allow for proper adhesion of the coating.

If you have mineral deposits on top of the slab this is a sign of bad concrete. A concrete densifier will need to be sprayed on the surface to push the minerals into the slab.  We use a product that penetrates 2-3" into the slab. Mineral deposits visible will lead to coating failures down the road. Not only will with the densifier protect your concrete surface it will also water proof deep into the slab protecting it from freeze and thaw cycles. 

What If You Have An Existing Coating or Painted Surface?

We can resurface your existing coated surface if it is not chipping or flaking. However if the existing coating is failing this will make ours fail. Any areas chipping will need to be properly prepped to ensure a long lasting coating. In some instances the entire surface may need to be prepped to allow for proper adhesion. 

Application of Coating. 

Once all the preparation is done, we can then begin applying the first coating. The coating is a two part acrylic based product. Any color of acrylic paint can be added to the product to give you the color of your liking. Once the first coat is down we then start applying the second coating. This is usually an hour or so after we begin the initial coating. We recommend 2 coats of the monotone coating. Usually any small hairline cracks are filled with the second coating. 

Optional Splatter Colors

Some people would like more color to their concrete. We do 1-3 colors of a splatter finish on top of the monotone coating. This gives your concrete more color and also depth. It also hides any imperfections your original concrete might have such as pitted areas etc. 50% of our jobs choose at least one additional color on top of the monotone coating.

Who Would Our Service Be A Great Fit For?

Since we own a pool and landscape construction business we do a lot of coatings around new and old pools. However, Patios and walkways are also great areas for our coating since it reduces surface temperature by 30% and also is non slip. 

What Are The Benefits of Our Resurfacing Service?

Long lasting when proper preparation is done. The product has a lifetime warranty for residential use and 10 year for commercial.

Reduces the surface temperature up to 30% compared to regular concrete.

Is non slip which is crucial around swimming pools where wet surfaces are common.

Can hide imperfections in new and old concrete. For example if your newly poured concrete finish was damaged from rain or the stamped finish didn’t turn out the way it should.

The coating can be any color which provides flexible options to anyone that is color conscious.

How Much Does Our Service Cost?

The cost range from $7.50-$20.00 per square foot depending on how many repairs are to be made and if we are doing multiple tones of color. Most of our jobs range in the $9.50-$12.00 per square foot range on existing concrete surfaces.

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